Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Are Career Pathways, Career Clusters, and the World of Work Map?

Carer pathways are a way of organizing careers into broad categories. Knowing which career pathway interests you can be the first step in identifying your future career.
Survey the career pathways below as well as the career clusters. To get more information, click below to get excellent examples of specific careers within the six career pathways and multiple career clusters. The second and third sites will also give you the World of Work Map for ACT. The third site is interactive.

1. Arts and Communications
2. Business, Management, Marketing, and Technology
3. Health Science
4. Human Service
5. Natural Resources and Agriscience
6. Engineering/Manufacturing and Industrial Technology

1. Click here
Michigan Career Clusters
2. Click here
ACT World of Work Map
3. Click here
ACT World of Work Map
4. Click here
CTE Career Clusters and Pathways